You might be wondering, can I study for an MBA in Canada despite not having work experience? And the answer is yes! There are plenty of business schools in Canada, like Brock University or University of Windsor, that accept students without any professional background. However, there are other requirements that you'll need to fulfill before being admitted into a program. A high GPA (average of 3.0), letters of recommendation and a GRE/GMAT score will all give you an edge over other applicants who might also be lacking in terms of full-time work experience.

Advantages of an MBA in Canada for Fresher’s

Pursuing an MBA early in your career, as a Fresher’s, has its advantages-- one of which is being able to quicker adapt to challenges. For working professionals already established in their field, another challenge can be deciding when the right time is to quit their job and return back to school. Not only does this feel like a set back tenure-wise, but there's also the question of earnings.

Scope of MBA in Canada

An MBA provides students with global opportunities. For example, Canada is a developed country home to many large multinational firms. Students often choose to study in Canada because of its stimulating environment and the countless possibilities the country offers.

MBA graduates can obtain a post-graduate study permit which allows them to stay in Canada for up to three years. During these years, they can also apply for their work visa, which lasts depending on their permit type. If students manage to secure a permanent job after their MBA degree, they can then easily apply for Permanent Residency (PR) status in Canada.

Some top MBA courses in Canada are:

    1. MBA in Finance
    2. MBA in operation Management
    3. MBA in Project Management
    4. MBA in Information Technology
    5. MBA in International Business
    6. MBA in Marketing

Benefits of MBA for Fresher’s in Canada

There are plenty of reasons to get your MBA right after you graduate. A lot of people think that if you take a break from working to go back to school, you're starting all over again and it will set your career growth back. But there's also the consideration of foregone earnings while you're in school instead of out earning a living. It's something to think about! Because students in Canada can begin their MBA right after graduation, they have a head start on their career. The most difficult part of pursuing an MBA for those who have worked a few years is deciding when to quit their job and pick up their studies again. It can be hard to identify the perfect time to make this transition.

Colleges For MBA in Cananda

Sr.NoName of CollegesRequirements
1University of WindsorGRE, IELTS
2 Rowe School of Business, Dalhousie UniversityGRE, IELTS
3 Brock University’s Goodman School of BusinessGRE, IELTS
4 Thompson Rivers UniversityGRE, IELTS
5Saint Mary’s UniversityGRE, IELTS

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