Prepare your Timeline for USA Application

The United States has always been the first priority of Indian students when it comes to study abroad. Students get attracted by top-ranked universities in USA and the country's beautiful sceneries. The USA is one of the strongest economies and it provides enormous opportunities to grow and fonder. US universities hold a good place in QS world ranking universities. This is the result of exceptional education standards that are maintained by the US universities over the decades.

The USA is undoubtedly one of the great places to study but, great places also require other great minds to grow simultaneously. US universities' acceptance rate is not very high, they only take students that have a passion to make a difference through their education. To get accepted into USA universities, students need proper guidance to make applications with proper documents at once.

1. US Application Process

The USA application process is not as easy as people have made it. Universities work based on strict deadlines and appreciate students who make applications with the right documents at once. Most of the top US universities offer admission in the Fall/September intake. All major courses are offered in this intake and the application volume is quite high.

Deadlines of application for fall intake USA are in early November of the previous year. Not all universities have these deadlines, but the majority of USA universities do. So one has to prepare their timeline near to mid-October to avoid chaos later.

Students who wish to apply for undergraduate courses need to start preparing their timeline at least before 9 months of their term end to match the deadlines of USA universities. While applying for undergraduate courses in US universities, students are not mandated to submit 12th mark sheets. Universities in USA are well aware that students have still not cleared the senior secondary examination and allow students to apply through provisional or predicted marks.

Prepare Timeline for USA Undergraduate Courses with Maxxcell

The first and foremost thing a student requires for undergraduate courses in USA are exam scores. It is required that students gather all their documents and exam scores beforehand. Here’s the procedure that prospective students need to follow:

    1. Get all exam scores (SAT, ACT, and English Proficiency tests) by the month of August of the previous year
    2. Start working on essays required by universities and check other requirements in the application form
    3. Fill application form for universities and submit all the required exam scores and other documents

Maxxcell Tips: Never rely on only one university. Ask your counsellor to make applications to different universities, this opens several options for the students.

There are some universities in USA that do not require SAT scores and give waivers on English proficiency exam scores. You need proper counselling to save time and make the application on time with all the required documents. Consulting Maxxcell’s expert USA counsellor can surely make your application process easier and help you get into some top universities in USA.