Top 10 MBA Colleges in India with higher ROI

Discover the top 10 MBA colleges in India with a focus on high ROI. Choose the best MBA program for a rewarding career.


The MBA is one of the most wanted programs in India, with approximately 3200 MBA colleges offering the degree. It is also one of the most expensive degrees in India, with tuition rates that continue to rise. Consequently, it is essential for students to enrol in the top ROI MBA colleges in India.

Several B-schools in India provide high-quality education, peer-to-peer learning, and industry exposure and guarantee a high ROI (return on investment) with low tuition and superior placements. Students must choose an MBA programme with a high ROI in order to repay their student loans on time and earn the highest possible salary with their MBA degree.

What is Return on Investment (ROI)?

MBA is additionally one of India's most popular courses, but also one of the country's most expensive. MBA is also one of the highest-paying degrees in India, so the high cost of the programme has no impact on its popularity.

Return on Investment (ROI) refers to the ratio between the amount of money earned after completing a course and the amount spent on the course. Students interested in pursuing an MBA course in India seek MBA scholarships and apply for education loans to finance their studies.

For these students, it is crucial to choose an MBA programme with a high ROI so they can repay their student loans on time and earn the highest possible salary.

List of MBA Colleges Offering the Best ROI

Top MBA Colleges in IndiaAverage SalaryFeesRoI Score(in %)
XLRI Xavier School of ManagementINR 24,30,000INR 20,00,00021.50
SPJIMR MumbaiINR 22,00,000INR 17,50,00025.71
IIM IndoreINR 20,79,000INR 16,00,00029.94
IIM AhmedabadINR 25,83,126INR 23,00,00012.31
IIM LucknowINR 24,25,000INR 14,16,00071.26
FMS DelhiINR 23,20,000INR 1,92,0001108.33
IIFT DelhiINR 18,00,000INR 17,25,0004.35
IIM AhmedabadINR 25,83,126INR 23,00,00012.31
IIM KozhikodeINR 20,67,000INR 19,00,0008.79
MDI Gurgaon – Management development InstituteINR 19,17,000INR 16,00,00019.81
IIT KharagpurINR 16,11,000INR 9,00,00079

In conclusion, when it comes to pursuing an MBA in India with a focus on maximizing your return on investment, these top 10 colleges offer a compelling mix of quality education, strong alumni networks, and promising career prospects. While the financial aspect is undoubtedly crucial, remember that the true value of an MBA extends beyond just numbers—it's about the skills, knowledge, and opportunities that shape your future.

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