Permutation and Combination | Lesson-2
Key Topics Covered in this Video
  • Introduction to Factorial Notation(!).
  • What is n! = n*(n-1)! Formulas.
  • Problem-Solving of Factorial Notation.

Permutation and Combination: Factorial Notation!

In this video we will discuss the fascinating world of Factorial for Permutation & Combination, exploring the concept and its significance in solving problems related to arrangement and selection. We will start with the basics, explaining what factorial means and how to calculate it. Further, we will discuss the concept of permutations, exploring how factorial helps us find the number of ways to arrange objects in a specific order. You'll learn about the formula for permutation, understand the significance of the exclamation mark (!), and witness real-world examples to solidify your understanding. To know more, watch the entire video and drop your question in the comment section below.